Dr. Carole Piednoel


Dr. Carole Piednoel

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Specialist in: Warts remotion, onychomicosis, general foot pain, diabetic wound

State diploma in Podiatry – 1994
Specialization in Diabetic Patient Management | CHU Bois-Guillaume 2007
Specialization in the thermoforming of Orthotic Insoles | CAPRON Podiatry 2010
Specialization in Sports Podiatry | ACTION PODO 2019
Specialization in motor analysis | ACTION PODO 2020
Specialization in clinical posturology: Dr VALLIER Method | POSTUROPOLE 2020
Specialization in Motor Analysis Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 – AXEL CONSEIL 2021-2022
Specialization in plantar orthotics for sports podiatry | ACTION PODO 2023

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