The growing demand for aesthetic treatments in dentistry has led, in recent years, to a constant development of new materials and techniques to obtain valuable results with safe, simple and repeatable methods.

Among these techniques, the use of laser light finds its ideal location to reduce the time of procedure and therefore avoid the risk of over-bleaching and post-operative sensitivity.

The minimally invasive action of the laser beam allows the oxygen to penetrate deep into the enamel and dentin, promoting an effective action even on the deepest discolorations such as those caused by tetracyclines and, finally, determines a minimum increase in intra-pulp temperature, avoiding the risk of pulp’s damages. 

Oral bleaching is a treatment that can be completed in one session treating a single element, a part of it (for example, localized tetracycline pigmentations) or the full arch.
The procedure involves the use of a bleaching gel which contains photoinitiators or pigments capable of absorbing the laser light emitted on the tooth or wide arch.

Laser application activates the chemical agents contained in the gel product which are conveyed deep into the hard dental tissues, up to the most superficial layers of the dentin, in order to obtain a lasting whitening compared to that obtained by traditional method, preserving the pulp from oxidative or thermal stress.

ACTIVE EDUCATION BANNER DOCTOR 10Following what is reported in the literature, the most effective laser systems for this procedure are the 810nm and 980nm.

Last scientific researches investigated also the possible use of the 450nm blue laser.

Courtesy of KOL Dr. Yosra Bastawisy
Jazz Dental clinic – EGYPT

Take a look at the procedure made by the KOL Dr. Yosra Bastawisy


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